This week’s photo challenge is Graceful. The first thing that came to mind is this woman. I met her on a trip in Aswan, Egypt. She invited us in her home and spoke to us about the old customs and traditions of her people (Nubians). She spoke of their strong attachment to their home and their … More Graceful


Ruins are defined as “the physical destruction” of something. But what I see hear is far from something damaged. It’s something wondrous, captivating, even a little beautiful. Old buildings and the remains of structures have this aura to them. Just try to imagine the way it once stood, tall and strong upon the days of its … More Ruins

The Pigeon House

“In some cultures, particularly Medieval Europe, the possession of a dovecote was a symbol of status and power and was consequently regulated by law.” “The oldest dovecotes are thought to have been the fortified dovecotes of Upper Egypt, and the domed dovecotes of Iran. In dry regions, the droppings were prized by farmers and were thus … More The Pigeon House